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Deep Search
for Better Therapeutics

Molomics advances the search for structurally novel small molecule therapeutics by Artificial Intelligence (AI) through integrating it with a team (Experts). As molecules are designed collaboratively in silico between machine and humans, we expect that our drug candidates are more efficacious and safer, increasing the success rates in clinical development.

Therapeutic Focus

  • Our in-house drug discovery programs focus on Parkinson's Disease.
  • We are open for partnering our drug design approach, with Molomics Technology at its heart, in other disease areas.

Molomics Technology

It is very challenging to determine highly effective and safe therapeutics. Molomics Technology overcomes this challenge by integrating your and other Experts of your choice with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collaboratively design high potential drug candidates with diverse structures in real-time. The process generates quality drug information by machine learning methods and human knowledge to come up with optimal drug candidates.


Artificial Intelligence
(e.g. Machine Learning)

Human Intelligence

Consensus Decision Making

Drug Discovery

Molomics principal focus is Parkinson's Disease (PD). Current programs address Levodopa Induced Dyskinesia (LID). Strategies related to GPCRs (G Protein-Coupled Receptors) like allosteric modulation are applied in drug discovery and development.

Our drug discovery programs advance through three phases: the Feasibility Study, the Drug Design Phase and a partial Preclinical Analysis. We work with research institutes and industry partners like biotech and pharma to unlock new opportunities and to assure the design of efficacious and safer drugs.

Optimizing Your Drug Candidates

Molomics wants to partner with selected biotechs or pharma companies in their disease area of interest. Molomics drug design approach, driven by its proprietary technology, is further re-inforced by state of the art project management:

We can address Multiple Biological Targets but also Phenotypic Screens

We determine a Success Probability of each project

Projects are based on Milestones

Track Project Advances in real-time through Molomics Technology

Include your Specialists with their Capabilities, Knowledge and Logic

Interested in Our Parkinson Products?

We are open to partner our in-house Parkinson drug discovery programs in their advanced development stages.
Please feel free to contact us


Jascha Blobel, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
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  • 9 years of business development in pharma industry
  • 20 R&D projects negotiated & signed
  • 6 years of drug discovery R&D
Giovanni Cincilla, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
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  • 13 years of in silico R&D
  • 8 years of R&D in pharma industry
  • 30 R&D projects in pharma industry
Simone Masoni
Chief Technology Officer
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  • 13 years of software development in different industries
  • Amaris, Thales, Google, Baxter, Octapharma
  • software architect on multiplatform systems for airports (New York JFK, Zürich, Lyon)

Advisory Board

Friedhelm Blobel, PhD
Business Advisor
CEO; BioBloC
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  • multiple licensing deals, investment rounds and M&A deals, including "$500 million plus" sale of biotech as CEO
  • senior executive positions at Boehringer Mannheim (Roche), Yamanouchi (Astellas), Dade Behring (Siemens), Gryphon Therapeutics, Sciclone Pharmaceuticals

Media / Events

February 16
Molomics advisor participates at "BIO CEO & Investors Digital Conference"
January 11
Molomics participates at "JP Morgan"
October 28
Molomics participates in the "Virtual Precision in Drug & Preclinical Summit"
October 8
Molomics participates in the "6th Drug Discovery Strategic Summit (DDSS)"
July 23
Molomics hosts round table discussion at the "Precision in Drug Discovery Summit"
Molomics completes Chemical Space Exploration study with >50 international participants
June 29
Molomics facilitates round table discussion at the "Medicinal Chemistry Strategy Meeting" in London
Molomics collaborates with a US biotech in Parkinson's Disease
January 31
Molomics presents its winning predictive model at the Open Source Malaria Meeting in London
January 13
Molomics advisor is at the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Conference in San Francisco
Molomics collaborates with a Chinese biotech in oncology
November 28
Molomics presents at the 10th DDIP (Drug Discovery Innovation Program) in Barcelona
November 18
Molomics advisor is at BioCentury China Healthcare Summit 2019 in Shanghai
November 4
Molomics creates the winning machine learning model for the design of anti-malaria drugs in the International Open Source Malaria Competition
October 28
Molomics presents at the 3rd Global Pharma R&D Informatics and AI Congress in London
September 26
Molomics pitches at the Asebio Investor Day in Madrid
September 18
Molomics wins a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
June 19
Molomics participates in the round table discussion of "Barcelona Biotech Breakfast: Applying AI in Drug Discovery and Drug Development"
May 22
Molomics attends "The Investment Readiness Series" in Barcelona
May 20
Molomics attends BioEquity in Barcelona
Molomics neuroprotective project in Parkinson is supported by the Michael J. Fox Foundation
January 7
Molomics advisor is at the 37th Annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco
November 28
Molomics is selected for the MIT Investor Forum Spain
November 13
Molomics advisor attends the 5th China Healthcare Summit in Shanghai
October 29
Molomics chairs the "Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery" track at the 2nd Medicinal Chemistry Summit Europe in London
September 25
Molomics attends BioSpain 2018 in Sevilla
September 16
Molomics attends EuroQSAR 2018 in Thessaloniki
June 20
Molomics is selected to pitch at the Fòrum d'Inversió d'Acció in Barcelona
June 11
Molomics attends JavaBCN Conf 2018 in Barcelona
May 14
Molomics advisor attends BioEquity 2018 in Ghent
March 6
Molomics attends KNIME Spring Summit 2018 in Berlin
December 21
Successful Feasibility Study determines structurally new molecules
November 20
Molomics presents at the 20° Foro de Inversión Healthcare in Barcelona
November 5
Molomics attends BioEurope 2017 in Berlin
July 17
Molomics moves to the Parc Científic de Barcelona
June 19
Molomics attends JavaBCN Conf 2017 in Barcelona
March 20
Molomics attends BioEurope Spring 2017 in Barcelona
February 9
first loan received
January 30
publication of Lead Designer
October 20
Molomics presents at Drug Discovery Innovation Programme in Hamburg
June 29
Molomics attends Gamelab 2016 in Barcelona
June 6
Molomics attends BIO 2016 in San Francisco
January 13
first grant received
August 7
first patent filed
August 5
Nathan Brown becomes scientific advisor
June 24
Molomics attends Gamelab 2015 in Barcelona
June 15
Molomics attends BIO 2015 in Philadelphia
April 10
collaboration with Wuji House starts
March 24
first game played by alpha tester
February 27
San Francisco angel joins us
January 9
Molomics is established in Barcelona
Parc Científic de Barcelona
Baldiri i Reixac 4-8
08028 Barcelona, Spain